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Bio Inspired Scooter

What can you learn from biology to build the ultimate sustainable electric scooter?

"The Fit" is a future vision of the ultimate sustainable electric scooter. Based on biological principles: all parts of the scooter-body are re-usable in new scooters. And they can be rearranged into new scooter-concepts: the frame exists of modular parts, which makes it easy to adjust to the desired sitting positions of different users. The outer body is made of recyclable textiles. Very lightweight, and easily replaced to update or customize the looks on your scooter without discarding it completely. To keep it clean, the textile body is impregnated with Titanium Di Oxide, a naturally occurring compound that breaks down volatile organic compounds (like exhaust gases) under influence of UV: the more scooters, the cleaner the air.

The Product System map

With tools like the environment scan and the connection diagram, a Product System map was drawn for the scooter. You could interpret this as a visual Life Cycle Analysis: the map shows which materials, energy streams and stakeholders are necessary for the product. And it shows how the product is valuable for it's users. It ensures the product is an integrated part of its environment, like an organism in its ecosystem.


A future vision is not feasible straight-away. The horizon for this concept is put on 2020. With the backcasting technique a roadmap was made, starting from the future vision, up till now: which steps should be taken to reach the ultimate goal of the future vision?

The Fit was developed during a graduation project at the Technical University of Delft in collaboration with Eco-Movement. Next to developing the concept, the goal of this project was to research how Biomimicry can be applied in design practice.

For more information, please contact Ernst-Jan Mul